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Heavy-Duty Truck Products
Heavy-Duty Truck Products
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    Röchling offers durable lining systems and tarp bows for the heavy-duty truck industry, improving efficiency and safety in your dump trailer fleet.

    Röchling Lining Systems

    Matrox®, Ramex® and Polystone® D lining systems from Röchling Engineering Plastics provide affordable non-stick surfaces that stand up to the most extreme lining conditions. These products deliver a self-lubricating, impact-resistant polymer with mechanical properties that make them ideal
    for most lining applications. The low surface friction eliminates load sticking, providing an even load release during every dump cycle and reducing
    wash-out times.

    Röchling lining systems will help protect your fleet from dangerous tipovers by reducing dump angles by up to 40%. Expect longer service life from your brakes, hydraulics, and bed when using Röchling products.

    Industry-leading 16-foot-wide Röchling
    liners all but eliminate cross load contamination problems associated with narrower liners.

    Röchling Lining Systems

    Röchling Lining System Product Portfolio


    Best used for: High-temperature Applications

    Matrox® (UHMW-PE) is our premier liner for all applications, including asphalt. Matrox® has the impact strength, slickness, and abrasion resistance required for all aggregate loads, but is also designed to withstand loads as hot as 350 degrees F.

    RAMEX® Premium

    Best used for: High-impact Applications

    Ramex® Premium (UHMW-PE) is our premium grade aggregate liner. Ramex® Premium offers high impact resistance as well as great release properties.
    This makes Ramex® Premium ideal when loading stone, and because of the added toughness, a must when loading boulders and demolition loads.

    RAMEX® Reprocessed

    Best used for: High-abrasion Applications

    Ramex® Reprocessed (UHMW-PE) offers equal abrasion resistance and slickness as Ramex® Premium, but lesser impact strength at a more economical price.This makes Ramex® Reprocessed ideal when loading coal, lime, sludge, gravel and other lower-impact materials.


    Best used for: Light-duty Applications

    Polystone® D (HMW) is the liner of choice when liner applications do not require significant durability. Designed for softer loads like grain, dirt, mulch, manure and compost that are abrasive and sticky, Polystone® D provides an affordable solution to material flow issues

    (Please note that only Matrox® is designed for high-temperature applications. A single load of hot asphalt on a Ramex® Premium, Ramex® Reprocessed or Polystone® D liner will destroy the liner and void the manufacturer’s warranty.)

    SAFE PASS® Mud Flaps – Customized with your logo for better brand visibility. Both screen printing and hot stamping are available.

    Röchling SAFE PASS® Mud Flaps have set the standard for anti-curl, anti-sail, and anti-spray technology for improved performance and safety.



    SAFE PASS® Mud Flaps Product Portfolio

    SAFE PASS® Smooth

    Made from UV stabilized polyethylene resin to produce a durable, anti-curl mud flap. Standard thickness .170” and available in white, black and nine other colors. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.

    SAFE PASS® Grooved

    Made from the same UV stabilized polyethylene resin as our SAFE PASS® Smooth Mud Flaps, but the SAFE PASS® Grooved is a thicker, low-spray mud flap with a grooved surface on the tire side. SAFE PASS® Grooved is now available as a rubber/poly hybrid blend in three thicknesses: 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. Available in white and black. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.

    Spray Guard®

    Spray Guard® is the best constructed and most effective anti-spray flap in the transportation industry. The artificial grass surface captures road spray and channels the water downward. Available in white or black. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.

    SAFE PASS® Aero

    SAFE PASS® Aero combines more than 30 years of proven spray suppression technology with a new aerodynamic design. The SAFE PASS® Aero features a grass backing and windows that allow air to pass through, reducing drag while maintaining the spray suppression synonymous with our Spray Guard® flaps. Available in black only, and in multiple sizes. Radius corners are standard.

    SAFE PASS® Super Single

    SAFE PASS® Super Single are mud flaps designed for super single and wide-base tire configurations. They reduce unwanted drag by matching the mud flap size to the tire width. SAFE PASS® Super Single flaps are available in grass backed, grooved, smooth and hybrid rubber styles. All styles can be imprinted and personalized with your custom logo. Also available in SAFE PASS® Aero type, but personalization is not available for Aero flaps.

    More Heavy-Duty Transportation Products from Röchling

    Polystone® G (HDPE) Fifth-wheel Lube Disks

    Our fifth-wheel lube disks made from durable Polystone® G high-density polyethylene replace the surface grease required during fifth-wheel maintenance. Silicone impregnated polymer breaks down over time providing a constant source of lubrication for the surface of the fifth wheel. Our unique design eliminates the steel retaining clip used on competitive styles and allows for more consistent, secure installation.

    Röchling Tarp Bows – the more flexible choice

    Röchling tarp bows offer better flexibility and safety with a longer lifespan than steel or aluminum bows.

    Traditional tarp bows made from steel or aluminum can be easily damaged during loading. Röchling tarp bows are less likely to be damaged because they flex and then spring back into original form with little to no damage.

    Sym-Mat® Boot Cleaning Mats

    Sym-Mat® grass door mats for heavy-duty trucks install in seconds with the included tie straps. No additional hardware or tools are required. Sym-Mat® provides a 6x24 inch, low-profile cleaning surface, which reduces dirt and debris inside of the cab and provides a safer step surface for the driver.

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