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Durostone® EPC 205

Durostone® EPC 205 is a fiber-reinforced plastic, which has exceptionally high mechanical strength. The gain is achieved by glass roving fabric and the burning behavior is defined.



Standard sizes


Type acc. to standard (EN 60893)

EP GC 205

Thermal endurance (IEC 216)



Technical ValuesTest methodUnitEPC 205
Fibre reinforcement--fabric
Specific gravity-g/cm32,1
Standard colour--natural
Previous quality--EPR8-W
DIN 7735 type--HGW 2370.4
EN 60893/IEC 893 type--EPGC 205
Nema-LI.1 designation--G-11
NFC 26153/26151 StandardISO 1183 meth 1g/cm3VtEM2
Bending strength (perpendicular)ISO 178MPa600
Modulus of elasticity (perpendicular)ISO 178MPa30000
Compressive Strength (perpendicular)ISO 604MPa600
Impact strength (parallel)ISO 179kJ/m2300
Tensile strength (parallel)ISO 527MPa500
Electric strength at 90°C (perpendicular)IEC 60243kV/mm13
Breakdown voltage at 90°C (parallel)IEC 60243kV/25mm70
Comparative tracking indexIEC 60112CTI600
Tracking and erosion resistanceIEC 60587 meth 1--
Thermal conductivityISO 8302W/mK0,3
Thermal enduranceIEC 60216T.I.180
Insulating classIEC 60085-H
FlammabilityIEC 60707-FVO/3mm
Coefficient of linear expansion (parallel)-10-6K-1


Remarks: Property variation possible in the area of 50mm, average - not guaranteed technical values. Tol. accord with EN 60893-3-5. The data mentioned are average values. We cannot accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

Product programme

Our range of Durostone® FRP-sheets:


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