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Safe and efficient springtime!

Our offer in April and May 2020

In the period from 01.04. - 31.05.2020 you will receive a discount of 12% on the regular sales price from an order quantity of a full pallet* Polystone® P CubX®, Polystone® P CubX® UV white or Polystone® PPs CubX® onwards. Talk to your contact person at our company about this offer!
*1 palett =12 sheets in format 2000x1500x57mm

Make your tank construction fit for the future

Efficiency and time saving play an important role in many industrial areas. In tank construction, even smaller rectangular containers are usually reinforced with steel. As the size of the container increases, this is a time-critical factor, since the steel reinforcements have to be protected against corrosion and have to be lavishly covered with plastic profiles.

With the innovative tank construction sheet Polystone® CubX®, you can design rectangular tanks much faster and easier. The special feature is the sheet design with its cross-ribbed inner structure, which combines very high longitudinal and transverse stiffness in the sheet itself. This results in an innovative construction sheet with a special property profile:

  • Highly stable
  • Light weight
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy to weld
  • Fast and easy handling
  • Safe to use
Polystone® P CubX® - made of the tank construction material Polystone® P which has been tried and tested since decades
Polystone® P CubX® UV white - UV-resistant type for outdoor use
Polystone® PPs CubX® - flame rretardant type (B1) for sensitive applications



More information about Polystone® CubX® on our website here:



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