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NEW: Maywotron® pure

ESD protection combined with high purity: a transport tray for electronic components manufactured from the new Maywotron® pure material.

Simple test on paper: conventional ESD material releases carbon even under gentle pressure; the new Maywotron® pure remains pure even under high pressure

Electrostatic properties without any carbon abrasion

In Maywotron® pure, Röchling now offers a material specifically designed for the thermoforming industry that combines electrical conductivity / discharge capability with high purity without any carbon abrasion.

This combination opens up the possibility of use in sensitive areas of application where defined electrostatic properties alongside high purity levels are demanded, e.g. the electronics &
semiconductor industries and the clean room. Typical components made of Maywotron® pure include transport trays, for instance.

High purity - no abrasion of carbon particles

Conventional ESD products (on right) on the market develop their electrical properties through the addition of carbon black. However, carbon abrasion prevents their use in applications with high requirements on purity and appearance.

For Maywotron® pure, Röchling uses what are known as Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) in order to deliver
electrical conductivity. The use of this new technology ensures the same conductivity as is achieved with a conventional ESD material, while avoiding carbon abrasion.


  • High purity (no abrasion)
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Insensitive to humidity
  • Recyclable
  • ESD protection for clean room applications as well

Production range

  • Rolls & Sheets
  • Resistance ranges: 102 – 104 Ohm, 104 – 106 Ohm, 105 – 107 Ohm

Available in all standard dimensions


We would be happy to advise you on the detailed properties and possible applications of our newly developed material, Maywotron® pure. Please write to:



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