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  • Haren - Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG

    Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG
    Röchlingstr. 1
    49733 Haren (Ems)

    General Management

    Franz Lübbers
    General Manager (CEO)

    • Phone

    Dirk Aikes
    General Manager (CFO)

    Florian Helmich
    COO Division Industrial

    Quality Management

    Johannes Mohs
    Quality Manager

    Business Unit Thermoplastics

    Mario Frericks
    Director Europe Thermoplastics

    Wilhelm Korte-Dirxen
    Global Technical Director Industrial Products

    Sales Thermoplastics Semi-Finished Products

    Matthias Heidemann
    Head of Sales Operations Thermoplastic

    Stefan Hüsken
    Head of Customer Service Thermoplastic Semi-Finished Products / Sales D/A/CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

    Thorsten Düthmann
    Sales Manager Export

    Friedhelm Kathmann
    Sales Manager Germany North Mechanical Engineering

    Dirk Kaußen
    Sales Manager Germany North Chemistry and Environment

    Heiko Schäfer-Lützenkirchen
    Sales Manager Germany South, Austria, Switzerland - Chemistry and Environment

    Business Unit Composites

    Uwe Kassens
    Director Europe Composites - Global Technical Director Pultrusion

    Hans-Jürgen Geers
    General Manager Marketing & Technology

    Rainer Sanders
    General Manager Sales & Marketing

    Sales Composites

    Lars Ameln
    Head of Sales Pultrusion Composite Profiles

    Alexander Mess
    Sales Manager Pultrusion Composite Profiles

    Gerd Nehus
    Sales Manager Pultrusion Composite Profiles

    Klaus Kröger
    Sales Manager Composites

    Jörg Leugers
    Sales Manager Composites

    Dennis Theilen
    Sales Manager Composites

    Niels Wösten
    Sales Manager Composites

    Ingrid Kremer
    Sales Composites

    Christiaan van der Blij
    Senior Manager Sales & Marketing Composites Asia

    Business Unit Machined Components

    Heinz Dirksen
    Director Europe Machined Components

    Dietmar Telgenkämper
    Global Technical Director Machined Components

    Norbert Pricker
    General Manager Sales

    Business Unit Services

    Ludger B. Vehring
    Director Global Procurement

    Hans-Bernhard Wilken
    Director Technical Services Haren

    Advertising & Communication

    Hartwig Bleker
    General Manager Marketing / Corporate Communication

    Human Resources

    Hans-Bernd Möhlenkamp
    Human Resources Manager

    Guido van Zoest
    Human Resources Manager


    Bernd Bolmer
    Manager Purchasing Thermoplastics Semi-finished Products

    Helmut Landwehr
    Head of Supply Chain Management Composites


    Hermann Tieben
    Manager Logistics



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