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Roechling Schiffsbau
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  • 船舶制造
  • 作业船和娱乐船
  • 用于作业船和娱乐船的塑料






    Polystone® G 材料制成的作业船

    采用 Polystone® G black HD(PE-HD)建造的作业船,如渔船、警用船和救援船等,使用寿命特超长且耐受性好。此材料密度为 0.96 g/cm³,重量比同尺寸钢大约轻八倍。重量轻便于灵活操控,也节省燃油。同时,这种材料对海水、机油和燃油的耐受性好,不受腐蚀。无需涂漆层保护。抗紫外线能力超强,适合于长期户外使用。详细了解 Polystone® G black HD 紫外线稳定型材料

    Anti-slip decks with Polystone® Safe-Tec

    Decks made of Polystone® Safe-Tec combine safety and design. The special, non-slip surface offers a very high slip-resistance even when wet. With its high resistance to UV and weathering, Polystone® Safe-Tec is suitable for permanent outdoor use. In addition, it can be welded with boat hulls made of HD-PE. Decks made of Polystone® Safe-Tec therefore contribute to a long-term high-quality visual appearance of your boats.

    More information about Polystone® Safe-Tec

    Letterings and graphic elements made of Play-Tec®

    With letterings and graphic elements made of Play-Tec® you can design your boats individually. Names, symbols or safety instructions can be easily machined individually into the surface. Play-Tec® is available in all RAL colours one-, two- or three-coloured. Therefore Play-Tec® offers plenty of room for creative ideas. Specially developed for outdoor use, Play-Tec® is water and dirt repellent and withstands the high demands of UV radiation and weather conditions as well as corrosive salt water at sea. The surface is easy to clean and offers a visually high-quality appearance.

    More information about Play-Tec® 

    Polystone® Marine-Tec 制成的船舶设备

    Polystone® Marine-Tec 是一种专为船舶设备开发的材料。它将良好的耐海水腐蚀性能力与简单的加工特性结合在一起,具有表面质量高且易于维护的特点。因此,可以轻松生产各种设备组件,例如隔板、控制支座、平台和储物室。 详细了解 Polystone® Marine-Tec



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